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About Us-Rules-How to Join

How to Join a Group by LostKitten
:bulletred: Become a member by clicking the 'join our group' button (Click HERE for a visual.)
:bulletred: IF YOU'RE ON A MOBILE AND WISH TO JOIN, there's a link at the verrrrryyy bottom of each dA page that says 'switch to desktop site'. Once in desktop mode, zoom in and you can see the join button.
:bulletred: All join requests are automatically approved, so there's no need to ask to join. Anyone can join - you don't need to be active.</a>

About Submitting

:bulletyellow: Make sure you're a member.
:bulletyellow: We currently have a submission limit of 10 per week. This is because we get a lot of submissions, and a lot of our members won't look through everything, so at least it's more likely people will see your art. (Click HERE for tips on how to expose your art and also exactly HOW dA works out whether you've exceeded the limit.)
:bulletyellow: Submit each piece only once. Do not submit the same piece to different folders, as we can only accept to one anyway.
:bulletyellow: If you submit the same art twice, that counts as TWO SLOTS USED if we click 'yes' to the first and 'no' to the second... yes, it will be in the club. (to check what you've done, go to your message centre and go to 'correspondence', then click 'withdraw' if you've submitted twice to regain that slot)
:bulletyellow: If you invite other people's art in, that counts towards your slots.
:bulletyellow: If you submit to the wrong folder and we deny it, that counts as a slot.

:bulletyellow: Method 1 ---- View your deviation, and on the right hand side, click the 'add to a group' button. Select or type the group name FiveNightsAtFreddys and then select the correct folder in the drop-down menu.
:bulletyellow: Method 2 ---- View our gallery, select the correct folder and then click the 'Submit to this folder' on the top right. Then you can select multiple deviations from your gallery. Make sure they all belong in this folder!
:bulletyellow: Please ensure you've only submitted it ONCE. To check, click your message centre and scroll down to correspondence. If it's there twice, click the 'withdraw' button.
:bulletyellow: Please also click the 'withdraw' button if you think you've submitted to the wrong folder. Then resubmit.
If you need a breakdown of the folders and what should go in where, see this journal :pointr: fivenightsatfreddys.deviantart…
:bulletorange: Please make sure you've selected the correct folder.
:bulletorange: It's possible that you've submitted the same deviation TWICE, and we've accepted the first one and declined the second. This actually can be a glitch if your internet connection is a bit slow or interrupted. Check your deviation to see if it's in the club or not.
:bulletorange: If you really can't figure it out, on the notification that says 'declined' in your message centre, click the 'no comments' link and comment there. Then we can see exactly what happened. If you comment in a random place, we'll have no idea as there are so many submissions.


:bulletpurple: Know some absolutely fantastic FNAF art that rocks your socks off and you feel that others will enjoy? Submit awesome art (preferably what others have done) to our :pointr:FAVOURITES:pointl:.
:bulletpurple: Use the two submission methods outlined in the 'submit your art' section, but you can add the best of your FNAF collection easily by using method 2.
Parts by I-Am-Bleu FNaF - Foxy by Ann-Nick Old Bonnie by Ishida1694 Foxy Caramelldansen- Five Nights At Freddys FLASH by Chibixi He always does... by Darkpaw2001 Foxy the pirate by uhuco Five Nights at Freddy's 2 by ScittyKitty Bonnie Casual by Nukude =FNAF= Five Nights At Freddy's by LeoKatana

ENJOY!! :heart:


:iconfivenightsatfreddys: Club icon by dazza1008

Want to help out the group? Feel free to donate at our donation pool! The points here will be used to renew our core, and also be used for contests!

Freddy Fazbear

Night Guards

Weekly Stats

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65 accepted, 7 denied
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Gallery Folders

-Screenshots, Official images
What's Next After Full Bar? by PlusMann
Chica near the door by nightmarefoxypirate0
Programming Characters by PlusMann
HOLY SHIT by RariJacks
Freddy Fazbear FNAF1
Gabriel by Interstellar-Pengu
Freddy (Model 2, Colour) by Zedrapazia
Bussiness by CharCharRose131
Chica FNAF1
That's so cruel by MarcosVargas
Chica: Get ready to Rumble! by Zedrapazia
Chica. by Dgrom
AT|| Human Chica by ThePixel-Cat
Bonnie FNAF1
Fnaf 1 Bonnie by ThePixel-Cat
Bonnie In Pirate Cove  by couragefreddy45
Bonnie FNaF by jkw8888
BONNIE by teensuiciide
Foxy FNAF1
FNAF- Bloody Smile by sydyaoko
Foxy by WaterFox-Studios
Be sure to check on Pirate Cove by goldenteddie
Foxy: Like my hook? by Zedrapazia
FNAF - Cupcake by kmg0047
Fnaf 2 Cupcake Animated by BriRosa
The better endo by Capt4inTeen79
Endoskeleton V2 W.I.P by Rosylina
Endoskeleton V2 Final WIP by Rosylina
Golden Freddy, Fredbear
(FNaF/SFM) Memories lost by Fer-Ge
FR3D-B34R by V-i-j
Broadcast[SFM] by Neinson
Before I was the monster by MushkaXQuiroa
Toy Freddy
Toy Insanity [4K] by cat34-ea
FNAF- 2 Spoopy 2 Read by sydyaoko
Female Toy Freddy by MushkaXQuiroa
(un)Common Expressions- Toy Freddy by sydyaoko
Toy Chica
Toy Chica's torpedo by ZidanMoto
Toy Bonnie
Toy Bonnie! by MrGaiaTheFNAFAddict
Mangle: Do you dare to defy the tangle? by Zedrapazia
Balloon Boy and Girl
More BB by TailsFan789
Puppet: Turn on the Spotlights by Zedrapazia
Withered Freddy
Withered Freddy by Xamp6
Withered Chica
Fnaf 2 Withered chica by ThePixel-Cat
Withered Bonnie
big bunny by marionetteloverfnaf
Withered Foxy
Old but deadly//FNAF by Edgar-Games
Shadow Freddy
Shadow Freddy by Sora498
Shadow Bonnie
FNaF 4| Nightmare Shadow Bonnie by StellaEX
Springtrap, Plushtrap, Spring Bonnie
Knife Party by Dgrom
Phantom Animatronics FNAF 3
Phantom arcade (fnaf sfm) by JR2417
NIGHTMARE Animatronics FNAF4
[SFM FNAF] Your Nightmare is here! by bryancortes
FNAF WORLD adventure animatronics
DEE DEE by MendigoDasGalactas
FNAF: Sister Location
As Graceful as a Ballerina [REMAKE] (fnaf sfm) by JR2417
8-Bit Scrap Baby (Pay for Use) by Noxious-Croww
HUMANS Mike, Jeremy, Phone Guy, Purple etc
[Shadowlight] - Masked Michael by TwilightTheRaven
save life by GoldMaster-87
FNAF Novels
Cassette Man icon by LatiasBlue
-FNAF movie fan-made, official
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator by BlueWolfArtista
GROUPS, more than one character
''Foxy Foxy'' by Kosperry
Five Nights at Freddys Timeline Theory by SuperAmazing3443
Fan Made Games
Five Nights at Roxy's Fan-Made Poster 1 by TheresNoSteak
FNAF Ultimate Custom Night(Challenges Suggestions) by Poketv2
-Emotes, GIFs, Icons, Stamps
FNAF OC Icon Pixel GIF - Lamby by Nanohanan
-PAIRINGS, CanonxCanon, Canon With OC
FNAF: MikexSarah doodles by coolgirlfactor
-OCs original FNAF characters 2
Advanced Lefty and Freddy by ShadowToyChica
Springaling 348: Not that anyone asked by Negaduck9
FNaF Ship Adoptables [OPEN] by ScarletGamerArtist
-Cosplay and Crafts
Twisted Bonnie Makeup by HazyCosplayer
Ugh...(FNaF Ask #123) by CJArctica
-Flash, Quality animations, Videos
(SFM RNAF) The Freddynator Trailer by TheNightmareSimon
Codename Glared Star new drawing style by SparkieSparkeChu
U wanna fight, u little piece of shit? by LordShockwave85
Chibi Nightmare Foxy Page Doll by afiniwind
-OCs original FNAF characters CLOSED
The Sexiest Bride in Town!!!!!! by mafernanda2016
Five Nights at Freddy's by Greypencilart33312
FNAF: The Plot Thickens by dazza1008
You still being a little pinky toy  by TheFnafLich23
Horned Nightmares -scary contest entry- by KhyberFanGirl101
Happiness and Pain.. by Tiny-Winy
Contest 4 - Kawaii
FNAS plushies by Giorgiathefox
Hello FNAF fans! Nightguard Rottie here, writing this journal to announce something wonderful!

For a while now we've left the subject alone, and didn't really think about it much, until just a few days ago- and we've made a decision!

Starting today, ALL of our open folders are now open to ANY DEVIANT, meaning you can submit to our group even if you aren't a member or don't want to be a member of our group! Yay!

We understand that a lot of times you want your art to get recognized WITHOUT having to join/watch a group and end up flooding your inbox (we get a lot of submissions daily... I know how y'all feel), so we think this will be a decision for the better.

The FiveNightsatFreddys staff hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you everyone for being such dedicated, wonderful members of our community!
More Journal Entries



Go Check out these groups too! :) There is a lot more Five nights at freddys Fan groups out there!


IF YOU'RE ON A MOBILE AND WISH TO JOIN, there's a link at the verrrrryyy bottom of each dA page that says 'switch to desktop site'. Once in desktop mode, zoom in and you can see the join button.
How to Join a Group by LostKitten
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