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About Us-Rules-How to Join

How to Join a Group by LostKitten
:bulletred: Become a member by clicking the 'join our group' button (Click HERE for a visual.)
:bulletred: IF YOU'RE ON A MOBILE AND WISH TO JOIN, there's a link at the verrrrryyy bottom of each dA page that says 'switch to desktop site'. Once in desktop mode, zoom in and you can see the join button.
:bulletred: All join requests are automatically approved, so there's no need to ask to join. Anyone can join - you don't need to be active.</a>

About Submitting

:bulletyellow: Make sure you're a member.
:bulletyellow: We currently have a submission limit of 4 per week. This is because we get a lot of submissions, and a lot of our members won't look through everything, so at least it's more likely people will see your art. (Click HERE for tips on how to expose your art and also exactly HOW dA works out whether you've exceeded the limit.)
:bulletyellow: Submit each piece only once. Do not submit the same piece to different folders, as we can only accept to one anyway.
:bulletyellow: If you submit the same art twice, that counts as TWO SLOTS USED if we click 'yes' to the first and 'no' to the second... yes, it will be in the club. (to check what you've done, go to your message centre and go to 'correspondence', then click 'withdraw' if you've submitted twice to regain that slot)
:bulletyellow: If you invite other people's art in, that counts towards your slots.
:bulletyellow: If you submit to the wrong folder and we deny it, that counts as a slot.

:bulletyellow: Method 1 ---- View your deviation, and on the right hand side, click the 'add to a group' button. Select or type the group name FiveNightsAtFreddys and then select the correct folder in the drop-down menu.
:bulletyellow: Method 2 ---- View our gallery, select the correct folder and then click the 'Submit to this folder' on the top right. Then you can select multiple deviations from your gallery. Make sure they all belong in this folder!
:bulletyellow: Please ensure you've only submitted it ONCE. To check, click your message centre and scroll down to correspondence. If it's there twice, click the 'withdraw' button.
:bulletyellow: Please also click the 'withdraw' button if you think you've submitted to the wrong folder. Then resubmit.
If you need a breakdown of the folders and what should go in where, see this journal :pointr: fivenightsatfreddys.deviantart…
:bulletorange: Please make sure you've selected the correct folder.
:bulletorange: It's possible that you've submitted the same deviation TWICE, and we've accepted the first one and declined the second. This actually can be a glitch if your internet connection is a bit slow or interrupted. Check your deviation to see if it's in the club or not.
:bulletorange: If you really can't figure it out, on the notification that says 'declined' in your message centre, click the 'no comments' link and comment there. Then we can see exactly what happened. If you comment in a random place, we'll have no idea as there are so many submissions.


:bulletpurple: Know some absolutely fantastic FNAF art that rocks your socks off and you feel that others will enjoy? Submit awesome art (preferably what others have done) to our :pointr:FAVOURITES:pointl:.
:bulletpurple: Use the two submission methods outlined in the 'submit your art' section, but you can add the best of your FNAF collection easily by using method 2.
Parts by I-Am-BleuFNaF - Foxy by Ann-NickOld Bonnie by Ishida1694Foxy Caramelldansen- Five Nights At Freddys FLASH by ChibixiHe always does... by Darkpaw2001Foxy the pirate by uhucoFive Nights at Freddy's 2 by ScittyKittyBonnie Casual by Nukude=FNAF= Five Nights At Freddy's by LeoKatana

ENJOY!! :heart:


:iconfivenightsatfreddys: Club icon by dazza1008

Want to help out the group? Feel free to donate at our donation pool! The points here will be used to renew our core, and also be used for contests!

Freddy Fazbear

Weekly Stats

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27 accepted
323 accepted, 37 denied
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Gallery Folders

-Screenshots, Official images
PLEASE STAND BY:Screenshot: by FallingWaterx
~FNAF Sister Location Springtrap's Cut Scene!~ by xXBloodyBlossomXx
Freddy Fazbear FNAF1
MMDxFNAF Still don't wanna play ? [Dollie-Freddy] by PurpleRobotKiller
.:Freddy:. by LunaXerog9
The Monster behind the mask: Freddy Fazbear by MushkaXQuiroa
Chica FNAF1
The Monster Behind the Mask: Chica the Chicken by MushkaXQuiroa
Chica The Chicken by DamianBloodlust
Don't think about it - Chica the chicken[MMDxFNAF] by PurpleRobotKiller
FNaWTF!?: I'm Going to have Fun with You by Project00Wolfen
Bonnie FNAF1
FNAFHS by Zoe-starlar
Bonnie in the Private Room Vent! by Zacmariozero
fancy boi... by dubstepspacecatjr
Bonnie the Plushie by EbonyShroud
Foxy FNAF1
Stupid Fox! by TheDapperDragon
Almost Christmas by MrGaiaTheFNAFAddict
fogzy by psychicfriendfredboi
The Monster Behind the Mask: Foxy the Pirate Fox by MushkaXQuiroa
cupcake by kjetilx
Carl the Foamy Vampire Cupcake Squirrel? by PlayboyVampire
Something Bittersweet by Natt-Tenshi
Monster Endoskeleton by LanceGaming64
Project Enodskeleton by AdrianJants
SpringTrap/Endo/Bonnie W.I.P 2 by RandomGames
SpringTrap/Endo/Bonnie W.I.P by RandomGames
Golden Freddy, Fredbear
The Monster Behind the Mask: ??? by MushkaXQuiroa
Fredbear (Full Body) by JetFox89
Golden Freddy by DragonKid36
Golden Freddy/Fredbear by DarkImmortalAngel11
Toy Freddy
Toy Freddy by XKawaiiBonBonX
Don't Play (New Animation) by YingYang48
.:Toy Freddy:. by LunaXerog9
Toy Freddy by DragonKid36
Toy Chica
[SFM FNAF] Toy Chica Render [HQ] by DemonStrikerSFM
Toy Bonnie
Hi freddy! by explodpineapple
Mangle by NekoIcee
Balloon Boy and Girl
Balloon Boy X Jj by sonicawesome02
Nothing but a puppet by The-Angry-Bunny
Withered Freddy
Withered Freddy REMODELED 2 by TheEmeraldOreArtist
Withered Chica
[SFM](poster)Let's Eat by DesertWolf27
Withered Bonnie
Withered Bonnie by PantherDonnie01
Withered Foxy
[SFM/FNAF2] Alive. [4K] by NikzonKrauser
Shadow Freddy
Shadow 2 by DadoFnaf02
Shadow Bonnie
Shadow Bon by Xiulus
Springtrap, Plushtrap, Spring Bonnie
Dat Trap'D by supersonic2233
Phantom Animatronics FNAF 3
(FNaF)Phantom Freddy PIXEL by Makerkun
NIGHTMARE Animatronics FNAF4
[FNAF SFM] Nightmare Foxy Foxy by Tim-Zillaboy
FNAF WORLD adventure animatronics
Funtime Foxy Wants A Love by sonicawesome02
FNAF: Sister Location
fnafsl-Ennard handsome by kipa812
HUMANS Mike, Jeremy, Phone Guy, Purple etc
You Wont Die by Top-Notch-King
The Box by OoodlesOfDooodles
-FNAF movie fan-made, official
FNAF- The Movie Poster by Dangerdude991
GROUPS, more than one character
I can't fix you by SoundwavePie
Purple Guy Sprites: Who's who by Playstation-Jedi
Fan Made Games
Final Nights 3 by shadow-F1end
Please Stand By by Clyde-BLUESNAKE
-Emotes, GIFs, Icons, Stamps
Bonnie [Pixel] by CutieBonniebunny
-PAIRINGS, CanonxCanon, Canon With OC
Bright as Stars by tamersworld
-OCs original FNAF characters 2
Dont look back by duchesse1997
Revolution by NekoIcee
Fnaf Night Guard Adopt (OPEN) by SooJi-Oh
-Cosplay and Crafts
Human Chica (Cosplay) by AlternianButterfly
(EXTRA) .:Ask The Chicken:. Ask2 by Ask-TheFazSquad
-Flash, Quality animations, Videos
[C4D FNaF] BON BON, GO GET HIM! | Animation Short by GaboCOart
Draw This Again Meme by xx-Night-Waker-xx
Chibi Nightmare Foxy Page Doll by afiniwind
-OCs original FNAF characters CLOSED
TNNaF2| Jewel Master by JFlare205
Five Nights at Freddy's by Greypencilart33312
FNAF: The Plot Thickens by dazza1008
Always In Your Shadow by chibi-scribble
Horned Nightmares -scary contest entry- by KhyberFanGirl101
Happiness and Pain.. by Tiny-Winy
Contest 4 - Kawaii
FNAS plushies by Giorgiathefox
Update Log

12/2/2016 - Clarified and elaborated upon rules, and improved grammar. I'd advise newcomers, long-time members and mods alike to read, even if just for a memory refresher. Even if you won't, I added something important regarding Baby in the 'No Pedophilia, Incest, or Necrophilia' section.


If you don't read this and break a rule, it's your own fault. However, if you require one of us to explain a rule for you, note the group, or comment down below.
We've agreed that it was time to update the rules, so instead of making a bunch of journals I'm making the RULES MASTER LIST. Here you will find every rule, and this journal will be updated to accommodate changes we decide in the future. Keep in mind you should actually read these, including the consequences, which will be listed at the bottom. If you don't like our rules or how we run the group, feel free to leave.

Don't Be Rude To The Mods!
When we decline your piece, don't get aggressive and rude with us! We're the mods. We know what we're doing, and we are here to enforce the rules. If you don't know what was wrong with our submission, kindly ask why we declined it, instead of attacking us. Don't try to convince us that we don't know our own rules, and don't resubmit your piece if we say it breaks the rules, either.

On Adoptables and Selling Merchandise
Adoptables and commissions are fine because they aren't large scale. If you sell T-Shirts and other merchandise that are manufactured, that's not allowed.

No Art Thieves!
We understand some of you may be young, and don't understand that posting other's art without permission is bad. It hurts the artist because people will just pass the uncredited version around without caring who the original artist is. In some cases, it will be devastating to an artist's career. Posting an art piece saying "Not mine, Credit to Artist, Found on google, etc.", is not crediting the artist, and does nothing for them. You must ask the artist if you may post their art on another website as long as you credit it, and if the artist says yes, go ahead and do it, and maybe even ask them if they'd like to see the post in order to make sure nothing is wrong. You should include proof of permission, too. But if the artist says no, don't post it and act like just because you asked them, you're allowed to.
A way to find the original artist is to left click the image you found on google and click "Search google for image". If you find the artist, congratulations! If you didn't, do not post the art anyways. Don't trace things either, or reference art without credit.

No Hateful Material!
Keep in mind, this applies to the comments section and the description as well as the image!
What we mean by hateful material applies to a few things. Hate art/stamps, LGTBQphobic art/statements, jokes about victims of any kind of abuse, racism/xenophobia/antisemitism, ableism, and anything ignorant and hateful that we may have missed. If your art is declined for breaking this rule but doesn't include something listed here, please ask why, or go quietly. Also, don't use slurs if you aren't part of the marginalized group reclaiming them.

What we allow
-Something that states an opinion nicely
-Mangle is a [yes/unknown]
-Purple guy is bad (as long as it isn't rude or forceful)
-I headcanon ___ as ___

What we don't allow
-Your OC sucks
-___ sucks
-___ is a [boy/girl]
-___ hates/will not love you/your OC
-anti ___
-anything forceful or mean

Nothing From Deo's Old Fnaf au!
PLEASE keep in mind while commenting, they do not use the name rebornica anymore, and use they/them/theirs pronouns!(They use the name Deo/Bones)
This rule also includes aus of that au (mike the mutt, mythology au, etc.). They have asked several times for people to stop using that au, because they don't want to be associated with fnaf, and have moved their character designs to other things. If it's a design that we deem too similar to theirs, then we will deny it. The names may remain the same but the designs will not be accepted! Below are pictures of what characters from that au look like.
Vincent -…
Phone Guy, Mike, Jeremy, Fritz -…
Chris -…
Animatronics(image excludes toys/others) -…

Heres a TVtropes page for them in case you're curious about their other works -…

Nothing Labeled as Yaoi/Yuri!
Please, before you go into a blind rage in the comments, listen. Gay shipping is wonderful, but those terms fetishize the LGBT+ community. It's offensive to those of us who are queer, (such as myself) so please, refrain from doing so. If you call yourself a sinner just because of shipping people of the same gender, that is against this rule as well, because it's based on homophobic ideas that gay people are automatically sinful and ungodly, which is very harmful. The terms Yaoi/Yuri in themselves are already bad, as they originally meant a relationship where an older man or woman looked for younger girls or boys who appeared to be the same gender because they were young and beautiful. Pretty nasty stuff!! -Since some of you don't understand, same gender couples or LBGTQ ships are fine but calling it yaoi/yuri isn't.

No Abuse/Harassment!
You'd think this would be pretty obvious, but considering how toxic fandoms and the internet are, people don't realize that fiction affects reality. Things like beating someone into submission, hurting someone "out of love", mental/emotional/physical/sexual abuse to throw "excitement" into your story/art, and anything along those lines are very bad, because it makes it seem like a victims position is desirable. Also, if a character is visibly uncomfortable while in a situation with another character, and you try to pass it off as hot, good or okay in any way, we will deny it. This and the next two rules are highly interrelated, keep that in mind.

No Rape/Non-Consensual Actions!
This is also clearly gross and harmful, but people don't seem to get that for some reason. This kind of stuff is incredibly damaging, for many reasons, so I'll keep it brief. It fetishizes a victims trauma, can trigger survivors and make it seem like they wanted to be raped, and is generally just disgusting. This doesn't just mean sexual stuff, it includes forcing someone to do romantic things too.

No Pedophilia, Incest, or Necrophilia!

>Shipping Baby, BB, JJ or any other animatronic who is or is coded to be a child with adult animatronics is against the rules, so do not submit it.<

Having sex with dead people is nasty and nonconsensual, so the above rule applies to it. Pedophilia is literally so gross don't even get me started. Child porn is illegal most everywhere too, so in case laws are your thing but morals aren't, there you go. Incest is inherently disgusting as well, even if they aren't biologically related. It involves power imbalances, and often abuse and/or pedophilia, among other things. If you compare incest (or any of these things really) to gay people you're getting an automatic block, no questions asked.
For incest, we won't count it if it is something like Bonnie X Toy Bonnie because they aren't related in canon. However, if you say that two characters are related in your au, we will count it.
Heres a good post I found that explains some things-…
Heres a U.S law regarding child porn-…

No Romanticizing Murder, Serial Killers, or Mental Illness!
Murder isn't a good thing. It isn't hot. It's a bad thing, end of story. Don't have stuff like "They did nothing wrong, They're my innocent child UwU, I love it when they kill people" because it romanticizes it. You wouldn't treat a real person like that. As for mental illness, representation and positivity are fine, but when you pull shit like "the voices told me to do it :3c" and "I'm insane hehe", it isn't cute, it just enforces the stigma that people with mental illnesses are inherently bad, evil people, if they even get considered to be human. Also, when you misuse the term 'psychotic' and such, we'll count that.

No Sexualized Models!
Surprise surprise, we respect women and don't want them to be treated as objects and sex toys. This includes with clothing on.

No Sexual Content, Extreme Gore, or Fetishes!
This stuff goes to FNAF-fetish!
Regular gore is fine, so long as you have the mature content filter on. What we mean is stuff that is... extreme, like graphic torture, and detailed murders. It's a kind of gray area but, if you aren't sure you can ask or stay on the safe side. Fetishes aren't always sexual but don't submit them here. If you are an artist that is known for fetish art, your art may be denied if it is one of those characters still in a fetish style (ex: Weight Gain Fetish; if your character gets larger in your normal work but you submit a piece you didn't mean to be sexual but still has them gaining or in a gained form, it MAY be rejected, depends on the work). Sideboob and cleavage will usually go to FNAF-fetish unless it's not intended to be sexual. Fluff, kisses on the cheek or pecks on the lip are fine and belong in the pairings folder. The kinds of sexual content we don't accept is kissing with the tongue showing, erotic poses, and humping/grinding but not really showing anything. Characters who are obviously engaged in sexual actions, you can see private parts, etc, isn't even allowed on dA. See here - and here -

You will receive about 2 warnings unless you are polite and apologize. Repeated offenses get blocks, and if it's really bad (troll/shock/offensive art, that kind of stuff) you get an automatic block.

These rules are here to keep this group a safe space, so respect them and the mods alike.
More Journal Entries



Go Check out these groups too! :) There is a lot more Five nights at freddys Fan groups out there!


IF YOU'RE ON A MOBILE AND WISH TO JOIN, there's a link at the verrrrryyy bottom of each dA page that says 'switch to desktop site'. Once in desktop mode, zoom in and you can see the join button.
How to Join a Group by LostKitten
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